The new marina and the ancient Arechi Castle that offers marine views and houses a museum of pottery and medieval coins. The Cathedral, the Minerva Terraced Garden with medicinal plants that have been cultivated since the fourteenth century and, in winter, the Luci d’artista (Artist’s Lights).


On the routes of the fishermen, you’ll arrive in one of the most characteristic villages of the Amalfi Coast. A village famous for its crystalline sea and its fish products, it is impossible not to try the anchovies and the typical Colatura, a product that is made only here.


Art, history, folklore and a thousand paths. A meeting ground for peoples and cultures. Old castle walls, noble villas, churches and sanctuaries. A continuous discovery of a thousand itineraries, among colors and unique perfumes, like the flavors of the food and wine specialties of the territory.


The ancient “Reghinna Minor”, then territory of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi and home to mills and paper mills. Today it is a characteristic town set in a beautiful valley, “City of taste” known for the production of handmade pasta, crafted liqueurs and desserts.


One of the Maritime Republics, rich in history and evocative places, pearl of the Coast that has its name. It rises in a suggestive natural environment under the steep cliffs. In the heart of the city there is the Sant’Andrea Cathedral dating back to the Arab-Norman period.

Emerald Grotto

A show of nature, made of stalactites and stalagmites, with 10 meters high natural columns. The karstic cavity, connected to the open sea by an underwater slit that makes it emerald-colored, can be found in Conca dei Marini.


Unique landscape in the world. Pebble beaches and narrow, steep little streets. White and colored houses clinging to the rock, interspersed with fragrant lemon gardens, which are reflected in a crystalline sea once inhabited by enchanting sirens.


Destination of VIP vacations, a unique island in the heart of the Gulf of Naples. The Faraglioni rocks and the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) are the symbols of its beauty, like the characteristic square that attracts thousands of visitors all year round.


Famous for its breathtaking view, it is the pearl of the Sorrento Peninsula. Every evening, Piazza Tasso is the meeting place with its many clubs. The historic center is a maze of narrow streets where the San Francesco church is located, a 14th century building with a tranquil cloister.


Beaches and medieval villages, crystal clear sea and thermal springs. The largest island in the Gulf of Naples tells all its beauty surrounded by green nature and the sea. Roman remains and historic buildings complete the rich island tourism heritage.

Cilento Coast

San Marco Castellabate, Acciaroli in the municipality of Pollica, Casal Velino, Marina di Pisciotta, Palinuro and Marina di Camerota: they are the main cities of Cilento, an area that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site since 1998. An extraordinary land , a source of inspiration already in Ancient Greece of myths and legends that are still part of the history of European literature.

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are an increasingly popular destination. Proclaimed in 2000 by UNESCO as a world heritage site for the peculiar volcanic aspects, the seven sisters are arranged as if they were forming a large letter y in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Crystal clear water, unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery will make tourists experience unique emotions.